Lavender Raw Vegan “Cheesecake”

* This recipe calls for simple real food ingredients and no funny cream cheese substitutes. But I promise you it tastes “cheesy” from the Yoggu! and lemon *

The crust:

10-15 pitted dates, soaked in warm water

1 cup unsalted, raw pumpkin seeds

2 tbsp ground flaxseed 

1 tbsp chia seeds

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

1/4 cup maple syrup  

pinch of sea salt

The filling:

2 cups Vanilla Yoggu!

2 cups raw cashews, soaked 

*optional: 1-2 blocks sprouted extra firm tofu in replace of cashews for a nut-free alternative! 

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

1/4 cup maple syrup 

juice from 4 lemons, + zest from 1 lemon

2-4 tbsp dried or fresh lavender

The how-to:

*soak the dates and cashews in hot water, separately roughly 20-30 min prior to start time. 

1. place all filling ingredients into a high-speed blender, or food processor. pulse until thick but not creamy. 

2. in an 8x10 springform cake pan, spread crust mixture along the bottom until evenly covered. place in the fridge for 20 min or so, while making the filling. 

3. remove the cashews from water, or drain sprouted tofu from packaging if using instead. 

4. place in blender or processor, along with remaining filling ingredients but save the lemon *zest. blend away until a desired creamy consistency, adding more or less of each ingredient depending on your desired flavour preference! 

5. remove crust from the fridge and pour filling on top, spreading evenly. sprinkle with lemon zest + more dried lavender and place back in the fridge for another 20 min, or until firm.