How many probiotics are in each serving of Yoggu!?

Is Yoggu! gluten-free?

My Yoggu! has liquid separation on the bottom. Is this normal?

Why is my Yoggu! sometimes thinner/thicker?

Why does my jar of Yoggu! have a 'crumbly' texture?

Can I eat my Yoggu! past the best before date?

How long will my jar of Yoggu! last?

Can I freeze my Yoggu!?

The seal is bulging - is the product still good?

Is Yoggu! safe for animals to consume?

Is Yoggu! safe for babies to consume?

Why is there discolouration on my Strawberry Yoggu!?
The % daily value of saturated fats is quite high. Should I be concerned?

Order & Shipping

Do you offer delivery?


What is the new packaging made of? Is it still reusable?
Can I still purchase Yoggu! in glass?
Is a switch from glass to plastic a step backwards in terms of sustainability?
I've noticed there is no foil on top of the cup of Yoggu! like traditional yogurt. Why is this?
Why do you no longer use glass jars for Yoggu!?
Where are the Yoggu! cups made?
Did you change the ingredients when you changed the packaging?
Why do zero-waste retailers offer Yoggu! in glass jars, but not more mainstream retailers?
Are the cups BPA free?
Are the cups phthalates free?


Why did you choose to support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals?
Are you involved in any other sustainability initiatives?
Do you have sustainability goals?
Can you quantify exactly how Yoggu! is a better alternative for the planet as compared to traditional yogurt?