Good for the Gut

Enhances gut flora and provides essential nutrients

Good for the Earth

Simple, organic, consciously sourced ingredients

Good for the Tastebuds

Delicious, thick and creamy
When we say good for the gut, we mean it


When we first created Yoggu! we knew that our coconut cream had to taste delicious, but it also had to be additive-free, organic and promote fair treatment of the farmers who harvested these coconuts. From day one, our top priority has been to source the highest quality coconut cream, harvested in a responsible, sustainable and ethical way.

Our decision to partner with a Fair Trade Certified(link to coconut partner not only assured us of responsible-sourced, delicious coconuts, but set us on a path to become an alt-company that seeks to become a force for good.

As we grow as an alt company, we will continue to be intentional about how we choose to show up and are proud to have set the bar early on when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. We want to change the everyday foodscape and we believe this starts with our supplier relationships.

From sourcing to manufacturing, there is a whole lot of love that goes into every cup of Yoggu! We are obsessed with flavour and know that our coconut cream is the perfect canvas for our cultured coconut yogurt.

  • Plant-Based

  • Dairy-Free

  • No Artificial Flavours

  • No Fillers

  • No Refined Sugar

  • Made in Coquitlam, BC